IMG_8159 I first saw these Tipsy Planters on Pinterest a couple of years ago and thought they were really cute.  This was my attempt at making one.

I started with a bowl planter on the bottom, then I ran a metal post through the hole in the bottom and drove it into the ground about 6 inches. I filled the bottom planter with potting soil and bedding plants that I though had good contrasting colors (sweet potato vine, dusty miller, and a purple verbena).

IMG_8161 Then I ran a smaller pot down the post and tilted it and set it in the potting soil of the bottom planter. You have to put the pot on the post before you put a plant in it. Planting  a flower in a tilted pot is sort of tricky, but just be sure and make the soil level with the ground so when you water it won’t all just run off and not water the plant.

IMG_8165 Continue adding pots and plants until you get the height you want. I probably should have added 1 or 2 more pots to mine. Also, I don’t think I considered the height of flowers I planted in the “tipsy” pots. My friend made one of these and she painted the pots different bright colors and made it taller with more and larger pots, and I think it came out a lot better. I am going to reattempt this, but this time add more pots and choose more bushy plants for the pots on top. I also suggest putting this in a flower bed and not just out in the yard like I did here. I just think it will show up better against a fence or some sort of backdrop. I’ll post my re-do this year and we will see how it goes.

Have you attempted making a tipsy planter? How did yours come out? Do you have any suggestions for my next go-around?