to plant a garden  I do love all beautiful flower gardens. Although, I prefer mine to be a little old-fashioned. I like the rustic or chabby-chic look. I like to collect rusty old buckets to use as planters and when I do buy a new planter, I am more likely to paint or alter it somehow to my liking. There is just something about planting a teeny-tiny seed and witness the coming forth of the potentiality that little seed had in it. Just to think, carrots have some of the tiniest seeds I have ever seen and look what they can do! It really is a miracle. I love the colors, and the smells, and the variety of leaves and heights of different plants.

IMG_0456   IMG_0451   IMG_0459   IMG_0466

I hope that if you don’t have a large yard to make a flower bed that you will at least buy a couple of flower pots and plant a plant of some sort or flower seeds this Spring to see what little ray of sunshine it can bring to your life! Planting a flower or vegetable garden is a true leap of faith!