IMG_0451 The time has changed, and it is officially Spring!! As you can see, the dianthus (also called pinks) have been loving these warm days and are already blooming like crazy!

While the wind has kept me inside on these warms days, it won’t be long until I will be out there to work on my yard.  I have big things planned for this Spring/Summer.

  1. Something I have to get is a new fence. I haven’t decided what exactly I want, but that really needs to be done first.
  2. I will be planting a small garden in my antique claw-foot bathtub! I think it will look fantastic.
  3. I will be creating at least two new flower gardens (when the fence gets done)
  4. I have purchased a 1x2x6 water trough that I can’t decide to make another garden planter out of or maybe , , , a water feature/pond?
  5. My front flower bed is getting a new makeover, however, what I am most excited about is . . .
  6. My patio is getting a total makeover also. New paint, furniture, lighting, plants, small fire pit, and hopefully a tv too!

This will all be documented with posts to my Garden page. So be watching for some springtime ideas coming soon!