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Eunice Municipal Golf Course – Eunice, NM

To-date, golf KDprobably 90 percent of my golfing has been done at our local Eunice Municipal Golf Course in Eunice, New Mexico. It was the first golf course I ever golfed on, and honestly after visiting approximately 9 other courses around New Mexico and Texas in my short time playing, I have to say the Eunice golf course is pretty darn nice. It is only a nine-hole course, but I think it is pretty well maintained and they are working on making improvements all of the time. There is a driving range (which I was surprised to find not every course has) and a small but decent putting/chipping area. We have golfed other courses in much bigger towns that were not near as nice (but we paid a lot more!). Of course it’s more fun when you know most of the other golfers and the employees in the club house. If anything is lacking, I would say it is the club house amenities. They sell soft drinks and have snacks (candy bars, ice cream bars, etc.), but it is not a very “inviting” place to just hang out like I’ve seen at other courses.

What I am very excited about is the new water feature they have added to hole #4. It’s a little stream about two-thirds they way down that runs straight across the fairway made with river rocks. I think it will be very pretty when they get done with it.


Actually I don’t know why I am so excited about it because since they have put it in, my ball ends up in the water probably 90 percent of the time! KD told me that it doesn’t matter where you are, that golf balls are attracted to water. And sand. And trees. Well, you get the idea, and if you are a golfer you will probably agree with that little fact!

Golf Course Rating

♥♥♥♥♥Price – you can’t beat the price

♥♥♥Condition of Greens – they just re-sanded the greens, so they are bumpy right now, but usually are much better

♥♥♥♥Condition of Course – well kept, but keep your cart out of the rough or you will get mesquite thorns in your tires

♥♥Clubhouse – you won’t be enticed to spend much time in here

♥♥♥Customer Service – the staff is mostly local high school graduates and they are all nice guys

♥♥♥Amenities – driving range and small putting/chipping area

♥♥♥♥Overall Golf Experience – casual and comfortable place to golf – nice municipal course



Riding the Bogie Train

IMG_9841 Golfing at the Point Venture Golf Club on Lake Travis, TX

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