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Tipsy Planter

IMG_8159 I first saw these Tipsy Planters on Pinterest a couple of years ago and thought they were really cute.  This was my attempt at making one.

I started with a bowl planter on the bottom, then I ran a metal post through the hole in the bottom and drove it into the ground about 6 inches. I filled the bottom planter with potting soil and bedding plants that I though had good contrasting colors (sweet potato vine, dusty miller, and a purple verbena).

IMG_8161 Then I ran a smaller pot down the post and tilted it and set it in the potting soil of the bottom planter. You have to put the pot on the post before you put a plant in it. Planting  a flower in a tilted pot is sort of tricky, but just be sure and make the soil level with the ground so when you water it won’t all just run off and not water the plant.

IMG_8165 Continue adding pots and plants until you get the height you want. I probably should have added 1 or 2 more pots to mine. Also, I don’t think I considered the height of flowers I planted in the “tipsy” pots. My friend made one of these and she painted the pots different bright colors and made it taller with more and larger pots, and I think it came out a lot better. I am going to reattempt this, but this time add more pots and choose more bushy plants for the pots on top. I also suggest putting this in a flower bed and not just out in the yard like I did here. I just think it will show up better against a fence or some sort of backdrop. I’ll post my re-do this year and we will see how it goes.

Have you attempted making a tipsy planter? How did yours come out? Do you have any suggestions for my next go-around?


Herb Garden Anyone?


Miracle-Gro Aero Garden

I’m so excited! My Miracle Gro AeroGarden arrived today! I have wanted to grow a real herb garden for many years now.  Usually I have just opted for buying a basil and cilantro plant from the store, but they never last more than a summer. I am hoping that with this indoor grow-light, that I can have herbs (especially cilantro – my favorite!) all year long. The AeroGarden was a snap to set up and my herbs are all ready to grow!

First, you have to plug in the light bulb, which is very easy.


Then you simply place the grow-deck on the tray and fill it with water. It also comes with plant food and an easy-add button for adding food to the water.


Last, but not least, you drop in the seed pods you want. My AeroGarden came with 3 seed pods (Genovese Basil, Dill & Curly Parsley).  I bought a separate seed kit that came with Genovese Basil, Thai Basil, Chives, Cilantro, Dill, Mint and Parsley. I started out planting Genovese Basil, Cilantro and Curly Parsley. When these plants are established and the weather is better, I will transfer them to small pots outside and start growing the other pods. I love that I can get a jump-start on growing my herb garden this year.IMG_0471

Do you have a good way to start and grow your herbs? I would love to hear about your experiences and tips!

IMG_0468 This is my Finished Product (literally took all of 10 minutes). As you can see to the right of the picture, this is also giving light to my “Hen and chicks” plant that I’ve been trying to keep going all winter.  I will likely start some other seeds in small pots and my new gadget can “shed some light” on my cucumber & zucchini seeds.

Garden Thought for the Day

to plant a garden  I do love all beautiful flower gardens. Although, I prefer mine to be a little old-fashioned. I like the rustic or chabby-chic look. I like to collect rusty old buckets to use as planters and when I do buy a new planter, I am more likely to paint or alter it somehow to my liking. There is just something about planting a teeny-tiny seed and witness the coming forth of the potentiality that little seed had in it. Just to think, carrots have some of the tiniest seeds I have ever seen and look what they can do! It really is a miracle. I love the colors, and the smells, and the variety of leaves and heights of different plants.

IMG_0456   IMG_0451   IMG_0459   IMG_0466

I hope that if you don’t have a large yard to make a flower bed that you will at least buy a couple of flower pots and plant a plant of some sort or flower seeds this Spring to see what little ray of sunshine it can bring to your life! Planting a flower or vegetable garden is a true leap of faith!


Spring has Sprung!

IMG_0451 The time has changed, and it is officially Spring!! As you can see, the dianthus (also called pinks) have been loving these warm days and are already blooming like crazy!

While the wind has kept me inside on these warms days, it won’t be long until I will be out there to work on my yard.  I have big things planned for this Spring/Summer.

  1. Something I have to get is a new fence. I haven’t decided what exactly I want, but that really needs to be done first.
  2. I will be planting a small garden in my antique claw-foot bathtub! I think it will look fantastic.
  3. I will be creating at least two new flower gardens (when the fence gets done)
  4. I have purchased a 1x2x6 water trough that I can’t decide to make another garden planter out of or maybe , , , a water feature/pond?
  5. My front flower bed is getting a new makeover, however, what I am most excited about is . . .
  6. My patio is getting a total makeover also. New paint, furniture, lighting, plants, small fire pit, and hopefully a tv too!

This will all be documented with posts to my Garden page. So be watching for some springtime ideas coming soon!


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